Badunkafit 30-Day New Year Abs Challenge

Here’s a calendar for the month of  January, with a group of ab exercises for each day. The  exercises are abbreviated and listed below with images. Take a brief moment each day to try to get these in – let’s tighten that core that may have been affected by the holidays! You may need to save the image of the calendar and print it. I had a hard time making it big and not having it be blurry.

Reverse Crunch (RC)
Bicycle Crunch (BC)
Scissor Kicks (SK) – both legs equals 1 rep
Double Crunch (DC)
Mason Twist (MT) – twist both ways equals 1 rep

Jan Abs

Bicycle Crunch (BC)
Double Crunch (DC)
Scissor Kicks (SK)
Reverse Crunch (RC)
Mason Twist (MT)

Join the Badunkafit Fitness and Body Challenge!

Did you know that the average American gains 15 pounds of fat from October 31st to January 1st? How about we avoid that and instead LOSE 15 pounds or replace those 15 pounds with muscle? Who’s with me!?


I have been wanting to do a 90-day body challenge for some time now – I started one a while back but stopped because I was busy and, let’s face it, not committed. I wanted to invite my blog followers to join me! I’ve learned a lot in the past few months about fitness goals and nutritional support and setting the ground-work for this challenge, and now I’m ready to take it on – and have you join me. The challenge starts Monday, October 6. If you need a little more time but still want to join, that’s ok! Last day to start will be Monday October 13.

There are a couple of options for the challenge, because I want to make sure that you set a reasonable goal for yourself and that you reach it. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain more muscle, or just feel healthier, I am here to support you and provide the resources you need. It’s up to you decide how dedicated you want to be.

Challenge Options

1.  All-out! (This is the challenge I will be doing)

  • 90 day fitness challenge, including enrollment in a nutritional plan.
  • I will enroll you with Isagenix, a health and wellness company that provides all the nutrition you need to support weight loss, energy and performance at a convenient and affordable rate. There is a $29 enrollment fee, but this allows savings on products. – More information on that later.
  • Sign up for the 90-day IsaBody challenge (at no charge) through Isagenix – and after completing the challenge you will receive a $200 gift certificate towards products.
  • Weekly workouts and motivation will be provided.
  • Nutrition guide will be provided to help give you the best results.
  • I will keep track of your before and after pictures and measurements. Measurements will be turned into me at the beginning of the challenge and every 30 days after.
  • I will lend most of my support to this group, as they are the most committed.

2. Full-Time, no nutritional support

  • 90 day challenge, but without the nutritional support. You will still have the option to buy Isagenix products even if you do not want to enroll.
  • Workouts and motivation will be provided.
  • I will keep track of your before and after pics and measurements. Measurements will be turned into me at the beginning of the challenge and every 30 days after.

3. Part-Time

  • 30- or 60-day challenge (of your choosing)
  • Workouts and motivation provided.
  • You can still enroll with Isagenix if you choose, or buy products. You just won’t be able to complete the IsaBody Challenge (it’s a 90-day challenge)
  • I will keep track of your before and after pics and measurements. Measurements will be turned in every 30 days. *For the 30-day challenge participants, this means there will only be measurements at the beginning and end of your challenge. For 60-day there will be measurements at the beginning, end and at the 30-day (halfway) point.


Opportunity for Nutritional Support and Guaranteed Success

If you decide to take advantage of the nutritional support of Isagenix (fully committed to the challenge or not) I can provide you with information. Isagenix provides some of the best health and wellness products in the world (and that is NOT an exaggeration). I have been using these products since January, and I am committed to use them for a very VERY long time. I have been an athlete and into fitness my whole life, and have tried many diets and products in the past, and nothing compares to Isagenix. (I even posted a blog shortly after starting the products) I have more energy, more lean muscle and even more focus since starting Isagenix. The products are designed as a nutritional cleansing system, made with the highest quality of protein and macronutrients needed to rid your body of toxins and fat (body fat and visceral fat) and replace it with healthy cells and lean muscle. It’s considered a heart healthy diet by the American Heart Association. All of the products are all natural, and their ingredient information/policy can be found here:

Isagenix provides a large variety of nutritional meals and supplements to support, and help you succeed in meeting your health and wellness goals – weight loss, energy and performance, healthy aging. If you like the products and decide to share the opportunity with others, you can even take advantage of the wealth creation in Isagenix. Personally, I wanted to shout from the rooftops how amazing these products were once I felt how healthy and alive they made me. Unfortunately, with being a network marketing company, there comes misconceptions. Isagenix does not require that you sell or buy anything. You simply enroll and buy products you want as you need them. You earn income by getting others to enroll, and having them do the same. That’s it! For me, it’s about the amazing nutritional support and sharing that gift. If you need some inspiration by seeing some Isagenix success stories, click here:

Bottom line – Isagenix is the number one health and wellness company in the world, and set to reach $1 billion in sales by end of 2015 because the products deliver results and are of the highest quality. The company’s motto is “if it’s not right for the associate, it’s not right for us”, and they live up to it. Their goal is to see people succeed physically in financially. I see financially in 2 ways: 1) You save money on groceries (and time) and 2) You earn residual income by simply sharing the products and having others do the same. Isagenix has created 121 millionaires, all of whom made their wealth by being a product of the product.


Enrolling in Isagenix

It’s simple. Contact me and depending on your goals and budget, I will help you get started with a pack that’s right for you. Your initial order is your biggest investment, not just literally, but it will help determine the course of your success. The more product you can start with and get into your body, the better. There are packs designed specifically for your goals, and your budget. When you enroll there is a $29 fee. But, with this you receive products at whole sale price instead of retail price – which is what you pay if you just buy products without enrolling. For example, my favorite product Ionix Supreme is $43 if you don’t enroll and just buy, but when you’re enrolled you pay $32. When you add up the savings on all of your products for the month, you make back the $29 enrollment fee, plus more. The only requirement in staying active once you enroll is to order 100 business volume (BV) or more in your autoship every month. Each product has a BV (i.e. the Ionix Supreme is 22 BV) and ordering 100 BV a month is easy and affordable. The cost of 100 BV varies, but is about $100-$160 depending on the products ordered. You can also create multiple autoships a month to split up cost and products, which again makes it very affordable.

The initial starter packs (which are highly recommended) come to approximately $20/day or $10/day depending on which you want to start with. After that, your monthly cost of products drops to about $5/day. Going out to lunch alone can cost $10!

I won’t go into detail on all of the packs to get started, because there are SO many options. But I will personally help you figure this out when I get you enrolled. I have provided a link to the products and much more below.

Please look at these important links before deciding to enroll, or before not deciding to:


How do I sign up for the challenge?

Again, it’s easy! Simply fill out the form here:

Timeline: The challenge will start Monday, October 6. If you need an extra week to get products or that day doesn’t work for you, you have up until October 13 to start. If you enroll in Isagenix, you can still sign up for the IsaBody challenge at anytime. Feel free to email me if you cannot start by October 13, but would still like me to send you workouts and tips. I’m sticking to this deadline mainly to make the tracking of everyone’s progress, but I’m happy to help you to track your own as well. Again, my goal is to help people succeed in their personal goals!

Reward: If you are enrolled as an Isagenix associate and complete the Isa Body Challenge, you will receive $200 towards products. That can be about the amount of an entire month’s supply of products! Share your success, and you can help others enroll and have the same success. With success come curiosity and people will want to know what you did to succeed. If you enroll just 2 people in Isagenix, you start earning residual income on products they buy and people they enroll – just by sharing and being a product of the product.  The biggest reward is the amazing improvement in your health and wellness. Being dedicated and completing any challenge, big or small, will only benefit you.

My door is always open to anyone looking for some help, guidance, or even just some motivation. Email me ANYTIME, whether you want to do the challenge or not. And please share this info and challenge with anyone you think may be interesting in changing their life, getting in shape, or just needing to get healthier. Thank you for your interest….and GOOD LUCK!!


Contact info:

Nicki Powers



30-day Glute Challenge

Here’s a 30 day challenge for that badunka-dunk! Print the calendar at the bottom of the blog and post it somewhere where it will remind you! Incorporate the daily exercise into your workout, or just knock them out on their own. You will see as the month progresses, there are more reps! It’s actually pretty intimidating (even for me!), but just pace yourself. Split it up into reasonable sets – maybe add a set to your workout circuit. There’s a variety of squats and lunges and other miscellaneous moves that will target those glutes (some examples below).

IMG_0340    IMG_0343      IMG_0322                                                             IMG_0326              IMG_0319 IMG_0233 - Copy

Be sure to watch your form – only add weight if you’re comfortable. If you don’t do a lot of squats or lunges, start out with little or no weight and add on as you become more acclimated to the moves. I will be using my sandbag or barbell. You can use dumbbells too – whatever weight you have lying around. I do squats a lot, so I started off using my sandbag, which is 20+ pounds. But if you don’t do a lot of leg weight training, start off lighter, or without any weight. You don’t want to get sore and fatigued muscles right off the bat! For the hip lifts, I like to place my feet on my ugi ball for an extra challenge – but placing your feet on the ground will also be very effective! If you’re unsure on how to perform a move, message me or I’m sure you can YouTube it 🙂 – but those stick figures are pretty helpful!

On the squats and lunges, make sure that your knees do not bend past your toes – and keep a straight back throughout. If a move is too challenging, then modify it to fit your capabilities. For example, if the elevated leg squats (day 3) are too challenging, then do a side lunge (pic above). Any move that has “pulse/pulses” in it, hold the move and slowly pulse your body or leg for the given number of reps.

Enjoy and good luck!


Butt Burn Challenge

Here’s something to challenge yourself with today…and what better body part to challenge than that badunka dunk! Watch the YouTube video (link below) for instructions and form. I love Bob Harper workouts and challenges!

The challenge is to do 400 of these butt burners in one day. This can be done pretty much anywhere – work, home, in line at the store ;). A step can be used, but it is optional. The best way to complete this challenge is to break it up into 4 sets – maybe do a set every 2 hours, or whenever you have free time – doing 50 reps/side. This will get those glutes burning for sure!


Do these quick, but make sure that you’re able to keep balance on your standing leg. Stand with one foot on a bench or on the ground and the other behind you with your (on toes, heel up). Lean slightly forward and raise your arms straight up by your ears. Keeping almost all of your weight on your standing leg, bring your back leg bending your knee to chest while bringing your arms down with elbows pointing back. Return your leg back and arms up, and continue in a quick but steady motion. Try to move only your arms and back leg, and stay slightly hinged forward.


The Insanity 7-Day HIIT Challenge

This is a 7 day challenge, which consists of high intensity intervals. These workouts are short, but the idea is to push yourself as hard as you can for the timed intervals. You don’t need to do strict cardio in order to burn calories and get a good sweat going. These workouts not only increase your heart rate but they get your muscles involved more – for a more effective calorie burn. Weight training (especially with high intensity intervals) allows your body to burn calories for longer post-workout. So ditch the treadmill this week, and hop on the HIIT bandwagon!

For each day of the challenge, I have included the link to the dailyhiit website, so you can follow along with the videos. Also, you can see proper form/technique – so you get the most out of your workout. If you can’t do some of the moves, or you lack the equipment, improvise with something you can do. Just make sure you do SOMETHING! These workouts are designed to keep your heart rate up, so don’t skip any of the moves just because you can’t do them exactly how they’re instructed. Keep track of your reps per move so you can push yourself to push yourself to try and beat it the next round.

Good Luck!!

Insanity Challenge Day 1

Breakdown: Set your timers for 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest – 7 exercises – 5 rounds (yes 5!)

Exercises: Bench/Mat Jumps  – Step Elbow to Knee (Left) – Bench/Mat Leaps –  Step Elbow to Knee (Right) – Runners/Mountain Climbers – Left Arm Right Leg Plank Abs – Right Arm Left Leg Plank Abs


This is a total body workout. Push yourself for 5 rounds, trying to increase your reps each round. You will need a bench/step and a 5-10 lb weight/dumbbell.

IMG_0207 - Copy
Mountain Climbers

Insanity Challenge Day 2

Breakdown: Set your timers for 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest – 7 exercises – 2 rounds

Exercises: Cross Leg Reverse Curl (Left) – Cross Leg Reverse Curl (Right) – Weight Pass Scissors – Bike Toe Touch – Left to Right Toe Touch Abs  – Right to Left Toe Touch Abs  – Side to Side Knee Tucks


This is a killer ab workout! All of these moves focus on your core. The last move you may need to improvise if you don’t have a dip station. I do a side to side leg lift. Lay on the ground with your arms out to the sides and legs straight. Raise your legs straight up above your hips. Lower both legs down and to the right, back up, and then down and to the left – keeping them straight and together (see pic). This will work mostly the same muscle groups. You can also use a hanging bench and perform the same movement as in the video (usually available at most gyms).

IMG_0383  IMG_0384

Insanity Challenge Day 3

Breakdown: Set your timers for 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest – 6 exercises – 3 rounds

Exercises: Row+Fly (Left) – Row+Fly (Right) – Alternating Shoulders  – Push-up+Half Burpee – Bike+Alternating Chest Press  – Sandbag Swing


This is a great chest and shoulder workout, with a little cardio to keep your heart rate up (gotta love burpees!)Choose a weight that challenges you. Keep in mind, that on the combo moves (particularly the Row+Fly), you will be stronger with one move than the other. So pick a weight that is do-able for both moves.

Sandbag Swing
IMG_0254 - Copy

Insanity Challege Day 4

Breakdown: Set your timers for 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest – 6 exercises – 3 rounds

Exercises: Step Ups+Jump (Left) – Shot Put Squat (Right) – Shot Put Squat (Left) – Step Ups+Jump (Right) – Plie Squat+Side Kick  – Burpee+Tuck Jump


This is another total body workout. Those burpee tuck jumps are killer! Pace yourself – you have 3 rounds! You will need a barbell/sandbag, a dumbbell (5-10 lbs) and a bench/step.

IMG_0193 - Copy              IMG_0194

                                             (Step Ups + Jump)

               IMG_0342    IMG_0343

                                               (Plie Squat+Side Kick)

Insanity Challenge Day 5

Breakdown: Set your timers for 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest – 8 exercies – 5 rounds

Exercises: Plank Tricep Kickback (Left) – Squat+Tuck Jump+2 Pushups – Extended Leg Row (Left) – Fly+Press+Body Tuck  – Extended Leg Row (Right) – Lunge+Bicep Curl – High Shoulder Row – Plank Tricep Kickback (Right)


This is a killer arm workout. Try 5 rounds – if you’re arms don’t feel like they’re falling off by then! You will need a bench, a lighter and heavier set of weights (3-5lbs and 10-15 lbs) and a barbell if you have one.

IMG_0214 - Copy

Insanity Challenge Day 6

Breakdown: Set your timers for 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest – 8 exercises – 3 rounds

Exercises: Weighted Sit ups – Pike Hold  – Scissor Hold  – Reverse Drop  – Waist Drop Plank – Up&Down Plank – Bike Toe Touches  – Tap&Crunch


Here’s another awesome ab workout! Again, this workout uses the bench, to add an extra challenge. By not resting your feet on the ground, you really engage your core. You will also need a sandbag, or some sort of heavy weight (medicine ball, dumbbell, etc).

elbowplank             fullplank

(Up and Down Plank)

Insanity Challenge Day 7

Breakdown: Set your timers for 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest – 6 exercises – 5 rounds

ExercisesFoot to Sky Twist (Left) – Surfboard+Burpee – Foot to Sky Twist (Right) – Leap Bench – Squat+Clean – Shoulder Drop+Pushup


LAST DAY!! Make it count! This should be 5 rounds of hard work and awesomeness – it will pay off! You will need a barbell/sandbag and a weight/dumbbell.

                                IMG_0348     IMG_0254 - Copy

(Shoulder Drop+Push-up)

IMG_0253 - Copy  IMG_0252 - Copy IMG_0255