After fracturing both femurs in high school, I endured months of rehab and rebuilding my muscles so I could walk again. I’ve used working out as an ongoing therapy, and have grown to really enjoy weight training in particular. I like quick and effective workouts because they can be implemented into my busy schedule, and are manageable with my ongoing issues from my injuries.

I will be posting mostly workouts, with some tips and techniques that I find helpful. I’m a big fan of the BodyRock HIIT workouts. I cant do much cardio, so they are great workouts to keep your heart rate up, for a maximum calorie burn. (Plus they take less time!) My workouts are mostly weight/rep-based to help you stayed toned.

I will occasionally share other health and wellness tips as well, along with products I love and recommend.  I’m not a crazy health nut, but I try to implement healthy alternatives into my life.

My medical education combined with my love of fitness is what makes this blog possible! I’m a medical laboratory scientist in Dallas, TX and grew up in Michigan. I spend my free time working out or doing yoga…but my real passion is volunteering with Dallas Animal Services and other pet rescue groups in the city to help rescue and find animals homes. Having something you’re passionate about gives you motivation to live an active and happy life! I don’t live at the gym, or even work out daily, but being happy keeps me motivated in my fitness!

This is a work in progress….Enjoy!


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  1. KC Sports Ninja (@KCSportsNinja) December 28, 2013 / 6:40 am

    Like your fresh approach to a healthy lifestyle. Would you be interested in having your articles appear on a new site I’m launching on January 1st at projectmayhembodies.com? I’m trying to accumulate some great fitness sites and really enjoyed yours. Let me know if you are interested at kcsportsninja@gmail.com, thanks.

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