8 Minute Abs

This is a quick 8 minute core workout. Complete as many rounds of these moves as possible in 8 minutes. For each move, focus of keeping your core tight. Keep a steady pace, so that you utilize your core muscles as much as possible and burn more calories. Keeping tension on the muscle for longer periods of time, helps to gain lean muscle and definition – so rest only if needed.

Set a timer for 8 minutes and complete the following as many times as possible:

Windmill (right) – 10 reps
Windmill (left) – 10 reps
Scissor Crunch – 10 reps/side
Crab March – 10 reps/side


Windmills (left/right) Holding a weight in right hand, stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width, rotate left toes outward and raise right arm above head, keeping eyes on the weight. Shift hips to the right as you lower your left hand to the floor, keeping you chest lifted. Keep body as flat as possible and keep torso still. Shift pelvis to center and distribute weight evenly to both feet as you come back to standing. Complete reps then switch sides.
For an added challenge, hold a weight in each hand.
IMG_0284 IMG_0292
Scissor Crunch Lay on your back with legs straight. Scissor your legs by lowering one to just above the ground and the other toward your chest and crunch up, reaching your arms to each side of your leg. Lower your back down as you switch legs and repeat, keeping legs and shoulders lifted throughout.
Crab March Get into reverse tabletop with your hands under your shoulders and back straight (facing to ceiling). Keeping your knees bent, lift your left knee toward your chest and tap it with your right hand. Lower and repeat lifting the right knee and tapping it with the left hand. Continue alternating sides, keeping your hips lifted.




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