Pendulum Workout

This is a 10 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workout. There will be 4 exercises, of which you will complete as many times as possible with the time given. 3 of the moves are pendulum moves, which require core strength and balance. For all exercises in this workout, keep you core tight and strong, to get the full benefit of the workout. A tight core also helps to give you balance and proper form for these exercises. This workout you will definitely feel in your legs and core.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and complete the following moves for as many rounds as possible, resting only if needed.

Plank Pulls – 10 reps
Pendulum Swing – 20 reps
Pendulum Chair Squat (Left) – 10 reps
Pendulum Chair Squat (Right) – 10 reps


Plank Pulls Place a dumbbell or small weighted object to the left side of your torso and bring your body into a full plank position with your hands directly below your shoulders, abs tight. Shift your weight to your left hand as you grab the weight with your right hand and slide it under your body to the right. Transfer weight onto right hand and repeat with the left, pulling the weight back to the left. I like to use my 25 lb sandbag (like shown in the picture), which you can drag on the floor instead of picking up.
Kettlebell Pendulum Swing This exercise reinforces the loading of the butt and legs and the activation of the lats. start in your swing stance, using a heavy kettlebell. A heavier kettlebell is easier to use during the pendulum than a lighter bell, the more weight the more it counterbalances your hips. Grab the kettlebell with 2-hands and swing the kettlebell explosively between your legs as you’re hinged forward at the hips (like a traditional KB swing). Swing the weight back forward in a floating motion (using your lats, not your arms to swing it forward), as the kettlebell swings to the front stay low and sit back and down (instead of standing up). Tighten your glutes, keep your shoulders down (do not shrug) and your back straight in a hinged forward-like squat. Now use your arms to swing the weight back between your legs as your weight shifts back forward. Repeat staying low with a neutral spine. If you lose neutral spine, lower your weight.

Here is a video on this move, skip ahead to about the 2 minute mark:

Pendulum Chair Squat (left/right) Stand on your left leg, hands together at your chest. Squat down and lift and cross your right leg over your left knee. Pause, then straighten out of the squat and swing your right leg straight out to the side. Lower back into the squat, bringing the right leg back to cross over the left knee. Try to stay balanced on your left leg throughout. After reps, switch legs.

I couldn’t find a pic of the entire move, but I found one of what the squat part should look like, and then the swing.


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