Sweat and Get Lean Total Body Workout

This workout uses different weight and body weight exercises with cardio intervals in between. Take your time with the weight rep intervals, and push yourself on the cardio interval. Take minimal rest between each exercise, resting 1 minute between sets (you will complete this workout 2 times).

The cardio intervals will be burpees and kettlebell/sandbag swings.

Complete 2 sets of the following workout, resting 1 minute between sets.

Burpees – 15 reps
Dive Bomber + Cross Knee Tuck – 10 reps
Burpees – 15 reps
Pulse Squats – 30 reps
Burpees – 15 reps
Narrow Squat Jumps – 20 reps
Kettlebell or Sandbag Swings – 30 reps
Reptile Pushups – 10 reps/side
Kettlebell or Sandbag Swings – 30 reps
Lunge & Rotate – 10 reps/side
Kettlebell or Sandbag Swings – 30 reps
3 Part Abs – 20 reps

Burpees Do with push-up and jump for as many as possible. If needed remove push-up.
IMG_0252 - Copy IMG_0253 - Copy
IMG_0254 - Copy IMG_0255
Divebomber + Cross Knee Tuck  Do a dive bomber. When coming back up to start position, transition to plank and bring your right knee to your left elbow, then your left knee to right elbow. Return to dive bomber start position and repeat.divebomb  kneetuck
Pulse Squats Position your legs in a wide squat position with your toes pointed out about 45 degrees. Hold a dumbbell with both hands, it should be positioned between your legs so that the dumbbell ends face front and back. Keeping your torso upright and your stomach tight, lower down into a deep squat. At the bottom of the squat, engage the glutes and feel your weight in your heels. In a quick and deliberate rhythm, continuously lift and lower your body a few inches (in a pulsing motion). Make sure to keep pressing through your heels. Pulse for all reps.
Narrow Squat Jumps Start with legs shoulder-width apart. Jump up as high as you can into the air and land in a squat position. Immediately jump back into the air and continue for all reps.
Kettlebell/Sandbag Swings Hold weight with both hands in front of you, legs shoulder width or wider apart. With straight arms, squat slightly and bring the weight back between your legs, and push through your heels as you swing the weight forward and up to in front of your face. Squeeze the glutes and squat again as the weight comes down to back between your legs as you repeat in a continuous motion. Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed and use your legs and core to lift the weight.
IMG_0274 IMG_0275
sbswin sbswing2
Reptile Pushup Start in push-up position. Bend elbows and bend your right knee towards your right elbow (turn toward it slightly). Push up straightening leg and lowering back to start. Repeat alternating sides.
Lunge and Rotate Stand holding a 5-10 lb weight straight out at chest level with both hands. Lunge with left leg forward, bracing abs and twisting to the left. Twist back to center, step back and repeat with the right leg and twisting to the right. Repeat alternating sides.
3 Part Abs Lay with your arms stretched out behind you, legs lifted straight up above your hips. Spread legs into a V and crunch up bringing your arms between your legs. Lower your shoulders and bring legs back together, then lift hips up with straight legs. Lower hips, then lower legs toward the ground, raising them back up before they touch the ground. Repeat sequence. (V-crunch, Hip lift, Leg lower)

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