Quick Cardio HIIT Training

This is a HIIT workout that will allow you to get some cardio in by really elevating your heart rate! While HIIT workouts are a great cardio workout regardless, this one has more cardio-specific moves…with a little bit of weight involved.

Like other HIIT workouts, you will have a set amount of time for work, followed by a short rest. Since this is a cardio workout, pace yourself but also push yourself. Make the most of the 45 second work time.

45 sec work – 15 sec rest
3 sets/18 rounds

Deadlift Burpees
Bench Top Toe Touches
Jump Squats

Left Arm Kettlebell Swings
Right Arm Kettlebell Swings
High Knees + Get-ups


Deadlift Burpees Stand holding barbell/sandbag or a DB in each hand, palms facing your body. Bend forward hinging at the hips into a deadlift, lowering the weight with straight arms. Continue bending forward and lower the weights to the ground, in the same orientation as you were holding them and set them on the ground by your feet. Jump feet back and come into plank and perform a push-up (optional). Jump feet back forward, grab your weight as you come up, hinging up at the waist to standing. Repeat.
IMG_0252 - CopyIMG_0253 - CopyIMG_0254 - Copy(burpee)
Bench Top Toe Touches Stand behind a bench or box. Touch right toes up onto bench with knee bent 90 degrees, then switch feet quickly as you tap your left toe to the top of the bench. Repeat quickly alternating. Keep your back tall and core tight.
Jump Squats Stand with feet hip-width, abs engaged with arms at your sides. Squat down bringing your arms bent in front of you.Jump up as high as you can, using your arms for momentum, and land softly back down into the squat position. Pause briefly and repeat.
One Arm Kettlebell Swings (left/right) Stand feet wider than shoulder width. Swing kettlebell down with one arm between legs, bending knees. Swing up and power through your heels, bringing the weight up. Swing back down and repeat. Complete time then repeat on the other arm. (i also use my sandbag for an extra challenge)
High Knees and Get Ups Start standing. Do 5 high knees, then drop down to your stomach, hands up by shoulders. Push back up to standing and repeat.
High-knees-jpg(high knees)

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