Abs and Legs: 2 part HIIT Workout

This is a 2 part workout with 2 separate HIIT circuits. The first is a lower body workout, while the second is a core workout. Take only a 1-2 minute break between the 2 circuits, or just enough time to reset your interval timer.

Circuit 1: 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest
3 sets (15 rounds)

Left Cross Seated Squat
Right Cross Seated Squat

Sumo Squat Torso Twist
Sumo Squat Jumps
Jumping Kettlebell Swing

Circuit 2: 30 seconds work/10 seconds rest
3 sets (15 rounds)

Scissor Bike Crunch
Left Side Plank Pulse
Right Side Plank Pulse
Left Leg Push-up w/ Knee Drive
Right Leg Push-up w/ Knee Drive


Circuit 1

Crossed Seated Squat (left/right) Sit on chair/bench, with left foot on floor and right ankle on left knee. Lean into left foot and stand up, squeezing glutes. Sit back down, keeping right ankle on left knee the entire time. Complete time then switch sides. If crossing your leg is uncomfortable, do the seated squat with your leg elevated and extended out in front of you.
Sumo Squat Torso Twist Stand in sumo squat with legs wide and feet turned out, and arms bent 90 degrees up in front of face. Holding arms up and remaining in a squat, twist torso left and right. Be sure to keep your hips forward and feet planted. To add a challenge, hold a weight or medicine ball with both hands in front of your face.
Sumo Jump Squats Stand with feet wide and toes turned out slightly. Squat down and come up into a hop, landing back into a squat. Weight can be added.
Jumping Kettlebell Swing Stand with feet on opposite sides of step (straddling) holding KB in both hands between legs. Lower into a squat and jump both feet together on the step while raising arms straight out in front. Jump back to start while bringing the KB back down. You can also do this without a step, using the same motions.

Circuit 2

Bike Crunch
Traditional bike crunch but legs are straight and scissoring.

Scissor crunch sit up

Side Plank Pulse (left/right) Come into side plank you your forearm with your elbow in line with your shoulder, feet stacked. Pulse your hip upward and back to neutral in a pulsing motion. Don’t let hips drop down below neutral. This will be a small pulsing movement. Complete time for each side.
One Leg Pushup with Knee Drive (left/right) Begin in pushup position with hands on bench, left leg lifted slightly, toes pointed. Lower into pushup, and as arms extend, bend left knee into chest, bracing abs in tighter. Return to start, keeping leg elevated. Complete time then switch legs.



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