SheNOW Fitness Challenge – Week 4

We’re kicking the cardio up a notch this week – I’m sure we could all use an extra calorie burn after our Thanksgiving feasts! For this week’s workouts you will be performing a cardio exercise for every other exercise. Pacing yourself will be key to surviving these workouts, but still be sure to push yourself!


30 seconds work – 10 seconds rest

2 sets ( 20 rounds)

Skipping/Jump Rope

Pogo Hops (right)

Skipping/Jump Rope

Pogo Hops (left)

Skipping/Jump Rope

10 Mountain Climbers + Push-up

Skipping/Jump Rope

Stationary Lunge (right)

Skipping/Jump Rope

Stationary Lunge (left)

Skipping/Jump Rope – Run in place as you jump rope, or do the same without a jump rope (every other 30 second round.

Pogo Hops (right) – Stand on your right leg, arms reached above your head. Lower your hands and squat touching the ground and hinging slightly forward, remaining on one leg. Come up and hop on your right leg, while reaching arms up. Repeat balancing on right leg throughout.


Pogo Hops (left) – Repeat the previous exercise, but standing and balancing on your left leg. If you lose balance touch the other foot down slightly. All of your weight should remain on your standing leg.

10 Mountain Climbers + Push-up – Get in push-up position and alternate bringing each leg up toward chest in a quick running like motion (10 total/5 per leg), then perform a push-up and repeat sequence. If you need to, drop to your knees for the push-up.


Stationary Lunge (right) – Stand with feet staggered, right leg forward. Lower down into a lunge so both knees bend to 90 degrees. Straighten legs back to start and repeat, keeping feet in place.


Stationary Lunge (left) – Repeat the previous move but with your left leg in front. To add a challenge, do a slight hop when coming up, keeping legs staggered and lowering down into a lunge upon landing – and/or hold a dumbbell in each hand to add weight.



30 seconds work – 10 seconds rest

2 sets (20 rounds)

Jump Squats

Monkey Press-ups

Jump Squats

Reverse Crunch

Jump Squats

Side Plank Twist (Right)

Jump Squats

Side Plank Twist (Left)

Jump Squats

Ski Jump Planks

Jump Squats – Stand with feet hip-width, abs engaged with arms at your sides. Squat down bringing your arms bent in front of you. Jump up as high as you can, using your arms for momentum, and land softly back down into the squat position. Pause briefly and repeat. Complete this exercise every other 30 second round.

Monkey Press-ups – Start in push-up position. Hop feet slightly forward, knees bent and do a push-up in this position, elbows pointing out to sides. Hop feet back out to start and repeat.


Reverse Crunch – Lay on back, arms at sides, legs straight above hips. Lift hips off ground and legs straight up, feet towards the ceiling. Lower to start and repeat.

Side Plank Twist (Right) – Come into side plank on your right forearm or hand, feet stacked. Raise left arm straight up above shoulder. Twist and bring your left hand under torso, then back to start. To increase difficulty, hold a light weight in your hand.

sideplankblue underplank

Side Plank Twist (Left) – Repeat previous move but balancing on your left forearm or hand.

Ski Jump Planks – Come into plank. Jump your feet together and up to the left, and jump back to plank. Jump your feet to the right and back. Repeat alternating sides. Keep your abs engaged throughout.



40 seconds work – 10 seconds rest

2 sets (20 rounds)

Bench Toe Touches

Cross Seated Squat (Right)

Bench Toe Touches

Cross Seated Squat (Left)

Bench Toe Touches

Goblet Squat

Bench Toe Touches

Lateral Lunge and Tap (Right)

Bench Toe Touches

Lateral Lunge and Tap (Left)

Bench Toe Touches – Stand behind a bench, chair or step. Quickly alternating feet, touch right foot to bench then switch feet quickly as you tap your toe to the top of the bench. Keep back tall and core tight. Repeat this every other 30 second round.


Cross Seated Squat (Right) – Sit on chair, with right foot on floor and left ankle crossed over rightknee. Lean into right foot and stand up, squeezing glutes. Sit back down, keeping right ankle on left knee the entire time and repeat.


Cross Seated Squat (Left) – Complete the previous move but with left foot on floor and right foot crossed over left knee. If you are unable to cross your legs, do the move with the crossed leg raised out in front. Just be sure that all of your weight is on the standing leg.

Goblet Squat – Stand in a wide stance with toes slightly turned out, holding a dumbbell on end or a kettlebell at your chest. Keeping a straight torso, squat as low as possible, bringing your butt between your feet. Squeeze your glutes as you come back to standing.


Lateral Lunge and Tap (Right) –  Lunge to the right, then push up and tap your right foot lightly to the ground next to your left foot. Step back out into a side lunge and repeat.

IMG_0326 IMG_0325

Lateral Lunge and Tap (Left) – Repeat the previous move, but lunge to the left.



50 seconds work – 10 seconds rest

2 sets (20 rounds)

High Knees

Double Stretch Crunch

High Knees

Ankle Tap Squats

High Knees

Crab Kicks

High Knees

Elbow Plank Leg Lifts

High Knees

Side Kicks

High Knees – Jog in place pumping your arms and bringing your knees up toward your chest. Complete this exercise every other 30 second round.

Double Stretch Crunch – Lie with knees and hips bent 90 degrees, shoulders off the floor, hands on shins. Pull your abs in and flat, extend legs and arms to 45 degrees, and circle your arms and return to start.


Ankle Tap Squats – Stand with feet hip width apart, arms raised straight over head. Squat down and tap left ankle with right hand. Come up and jump, landing into a squat with your left hand tapping your right ankle. Repeat, alternating ankle taps. Keep your back straight, and land softly.

Crab Kicks – Sit with your knees bent and hands behind your hips. Lift hips off the ground slightly. Lift and straighten your right leg and reach and touch your foot with your left hand. Lower foot and hand (not hips) and repeat with the left leg and right hand. Keep hips lifted throughout.


Elbow Plank Leg Lifts – This is just how it sounds – start in elbow plank with your hands clasped. Alternate lifting each leg up, keeping your core straight and tight.


Side Kicks – Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, elbows close to sides and fists near chin. With right leg, kick flexed foot to right side, leaning away for balance. Return to start, jump once in place and repeat with the left leg. Continue alternating legs.



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