Battle Ropes Workout

Why Battle Ropes?

Battle ropes can look a little intimidating. They’re a set of these giant heavy ropes anchored down that you see people tossing and waving around. Well, you need to pick them up and give them a try! There are many benefits to tossing these beasts around. They have a huge metabolic impact that increase work capacity and help create some great muscle.

Benefits of battle ropes:

  • It’s a full-body workout
  • You burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time by quickly elevating your heart rate.
  • It’s low impact on your joints
  • Works the core muscles in ways that few other training tools can by both utilizing your shoulders, hips, and abs and also forcing you to brace your core and stabilize your spine during explosive movement.
  • It will increase your strength, power and endurance.
  • They’re something different…and kind of fun


  • Relax your shoulders and grip on the ropes. Tensing up can lead to quick exhaustion.
  • Breathe! This goes along with relaxing. Try to match your movement with your breathing. These are all output exercises, so do not hold your breath.
  • Utilize your entire body. Keep your core tight, and use your shoulders and legs together to move the rope. Keep a good solid stance with a bend in the knees, and avoid standing stiffly.

Battle Rope HIIT Workout

For the workout, we will be splitting up HIIT moves with battle rope workouts. This is great for beginners, allowing for a break between battle rope exercises. Because, I promise you, the battle ropes will wear you out!

Complete entire workout with 30 seconds work – 10 seconds rest

Battle Ropes – Double Waves

Deadlift + Row (Right)

Battle Ropes – Alternating Waves

Deadlift + Row (Left)

Battle Ropes – Burpee Rope Slam

Squat + Side Leg Lift (Right)

Battle Ropes – Reverse Grip Double Wave

Squat + Side Leg Lift (Left)

Battle Ropes – Reverse Grip Punch Wave

Oblique V Roll

Battle Ropes – Hip Toss

Flutter Kicks

Battle Ropes – Lateral Waves

Reverse Crunch w/ Hip Raise

Exercise Descriptions

Double Waves: Gripping each end of the rope firmly with both hands, start swinging your arms up and down at the same time to create a parallel wavelike motion with the rope. Maintain the velocity and flow of the waves. Keep your feet planted and knees slightly bent.

Alternating Waves: Use the same technique as double waves, only alternate the up and down movement of each arm. Remember to keep your shoulders down and to use power from your core and legs.


Burpee Rope Slam: Grip ropes firmly in each hand and in a large motion bring your arms up and down forcefully, like you were throwing a ball down as hard as you can. Drop down with your hands on the ground and hop your feet back and lower into a push-up. Jump feet forward as you grab the ropes. Come back to standing and repeat with another slam.

Reverse Grip Double Wave: Reverse your grip on the ropes so that you grab them from the outside and palms face up. You will use more force than in the the double wave. It will be a happy medium between a slam and a wave. Swing both arms up and down simultaneously, using your legs to move the rope.

Reverse Grip Punch Wave: Using the same reverse grip, alternate punching each arm up and across your body, using a slight pivot in your legs.

Hip Toss: Keep feet grounded and pivot torso from side to side as you toss the ropes over your hip as if you were throwing them to the floor on each side of you. This movement should also create a wavelike motion with the ropes.


Lateral Waves: Using a normal stance and grip on the ropes, move your arms from outside to inside, similar to a pec fly, crossing the hands over one another in front of your body and back. This is a great finishing exercise because it really torches those shoulders.


Deadlift + Row: Holding a barbell or set of weights in front of you, balance on one leg and hinge forward at the waist into a single leg deadlift with the weight outreached below you. Pause and perform a row (still on one leg) by pulling your elbows back and bringing the weight toward your chest. Lower, then come back to start and repeat, trying to remained balance on one leg. Complete time for each leg.

Squat + Side Leg Lift: Hold a barbell or dumbbells on your shoulders and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down and as you come up lift one leg straight up and out to the side. Lower to start and repeat. Continue lifting the same leg after each squat. Complete time for each leg.

IMG_0342 IMG_0343

Oblique V Roll: Lay on the ground balanced on your tailbone. Roll to the right onto your right hip and leaning on your right arm, as you bring your left hand behind your head and crunch your knees up toward your elbow. Straighten legs, keeping them lifted, as you roll onto your left hip and arm, crunching your knees to your right elbow. Be sure to keep your legs lifted and your core engaged throughout.

Flutter Kicks: Lay on the ground with your arms at your sides and legs straight out in front of you. Lift legs of the ground slightly, and keep them up and straight as you quickly lower and lift your legs, in a short scissor-like movement.

Reverse Crunch with Hip Raise: Lay on the ground with your arms at your sides and legs straight out in front of you. Bring your knees to chest and then straighten your legs straight up to the ceiling, lifting your hips off the ground. Lower hips and bend knees, reversing the movement back to start. When you straighten your legs out in front of you, keep them elevated off the ground, and repeat.

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