Bear Complex Burnout HIIT Workout


This is a high intensity interval circuit that incorporates a bear complex series. So what is a bear complex series? It’s a combination of moves using a barbell, that you repeat without rest for a certain number of reps or time. The idea is to use maximum weight to burn out the muscles. Generally they are done in low number of reps/time. (For more see my Bear Complex Workout blog under “weight training”.)

For this workout, we will be doing a HIIT workout for time. Instead of the usual “rest” time, you will be doing a bear complex between moves. If you don’t have a barbell, you can use a dumbbell in each hand, using the same grip you would use if you were holding a barbell.  You will probably need to decrease your weight throughout the workout for the bear complex. The series will start with the weight at your shins, bent forward at the hips with knees slightly bent. All of the moves flow one into the other. The bear complex will be as follows:

Clean, Overhead Press, Back Squat, Reverse Overhead Press – repeat. (Do not drop barbell or dumbbells between sets)

IMG_0333 IMG_0328 IMG_0329 IMG_0339 IMG_0340IMG_0329


Complete the circuit 2 times – 50 seconds work, 30 seconds bear complex between moves

Pike Push-up – Place your hands on the ground shoulder width apart, hips raised up in the air. Lower your head toward the ground, bending elbows out to the sides. Press back up, keeping hips lifted throughout.

Bear Complex

Genghis Khan Burpee  – This is like a traditional burpee, but instead of standing up or jumping at the end you come half way up into a squat. Place your hands down in front of your feet, hop back into plank and then hop feet back forward, landing on the soles of your feet, knees bent about 90 degrees. Bring just your upper body up, hinging at the hips as you remain in a squat (make sure your squat has good form, knees behind toes). Place hands back down and repeat.You can also do this holding a bosu ball or ugi ball to add weight, lifting it up above your head as you come up into the squat and balancing on it as you jump your feet back into plank.

Bear Complex

Kettle Bell Swings Hold weight with both hands in front of you, legs shoulder width or wider apart. With straight arms, squat slightly and bring the weight back between your legs, and push through your heels as you swing the weight forward and up to in front of your face. Squeeze the glutes and squat again as the weight comes down to back between your legs as you repeat in a continuous motion. Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed and use your legs and core to lift the weight.

IMG_0274       IMG_0275

Bear Complex

Reverse Hook CrunchLay on your back with arms reached overhead and legs extended off the ground slightly. Bend knees toward chest and lift hips off the ground and extend your legs up pushing your feet up and back. Reverse the motion and repeat.

Bear Complex

Pendulum Plank – Start in elbow plank with feet together. Step your left leg out to the side and tap, then bring it back to center and repeat with the right. Alternate feet, keeping your upper body still and your core tight. To increase intensity place feet on an ugi or bosu ball and tap off to the sides.

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Take the 30 seconds prior to round 2 for rest instead of another Bear Complex