Plyo-ish Yoga

This is a yoga-inspired body weight workout. It incorporates some body weight exercises and yoga poses together. This is targeted to give you a good stretch, along with some body weight training. I love changing up my workouts, and combining exercises into one movement. Do these quicker (plyo-style) for a little bit of a burn, but be sure to utilize the stretching part of the move.

All you need for this workout is a mat – you don’t even need shoes! Do a 5 minute warm-up to start, then complete 2 sets of the following exercises.

Squat Jump + Alternating Warrior 3 (20 reps) – Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands by your sides. Squat down, raising arms up to chest height. Come to standing and to a slight jump. Upon landing, raise your right leg straight back behind you as you hinge your hips forward, arms out front and into warrior 3 (your torso should be parallel to the floor). Hold for a couple seconds and then return to start. Repeat, alternating legs.


Reverse Plank Dip + Alternating Leg Extension (20 reps) – Sit on the floor with your hands behind your hips, legs straight out in front of you and together. Start the move in reverse plank, by lifting your hips off the ground so that your body forms a straight line. Bend your elbows and lower your butt toward the ground, then pressing back up. From here, bend your right knee toward your chest and straighten the leg up toward the ceiling. Lower leg and repeat alternating legs.

Single Arm Squat Thrusts w/ Alternating Arms (20 reps) – Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and lower down into a squat, placing your left hand on the ground. Keeping your arms straight, jump your feet back, so you are in a one-armed plank. (Note, your hand should be placed below the middle of your chest.) Hold for a couple seconds, and keeping your core engaged jump your feet back and return to standing. Repeat alternating arms.

Triceps Push-up to Child’s Pose (20 reps) – Start in push-up position, on your knees if needed with hands under shoulders. Lower your body down, bending your elbows back. Raise back up and lower your knees (if doing a traditional pushup) and push your butt back to your heels, stretching your arms straight out in front of you and lowering your head to the floor. Hold for a few seconds and return to push-up position.

Crescent Lunge Jumps (20 reps) – Stand with right leg in front and go into a crescent lunge, stretching your arms up and back and hold for a few seconds. Come back to neutral and jump up switching legs in mid-air and landing with the left leg in front. Repeat sequence alternating legs. If crescent lunge is too much of a stretch, do the same movement but using Warrior I (back leg is straight).

Pike Press to Three-Legged Down Dog (20 reps) – Begin in pike press position with your arms and legs straight and hips up toward the ceiling. Bend your elbows out to the side and lower your head toward the ground and press up. Lift your right leg straight up and hold in three-legged down dog for a couple seconds. Lower leg and repeat, alternating legs.

Wide-Legged Sit Up to Straddle (20 reps) – Lay with your legs straight and out wide into a V, arms straight overhead. Keeping legs and arms straight sit up and into a straddle stretch, reaching your arms as far forward as you can. Hold the stretch and then lower back to start.


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