Sorry-I’ve-Been-MIA Workout

My apologies for my lack of posting. It has been a busy few weeks between studying, my new job and volunteering at the fair! Once my schedule gets back to “normal” I should be able to post a little more (hopefully!)

This workout is a total body workout, with a little cardio in the mix. While this isn’t a time interval workout, do it as though it is a HIIT workout – moving from one exercise to the next. Do the workout as quickly as you can, while keeping proper form. You will need an ugi ball (or weight) and a jump rope (optional).

Do this exercise 1 time through – or twice if you’re feeling up for it!

Squat Jumps (20 reps) – Stand with feet hip-width apart. Squat down and touch the outside of your feet, come up and jump straight up with arms overhead. Land in squat and repeat.

V abs (20 reps) – Lay on ground with arms straight above chest and legs straight. Lift feet and shoulders and spread legs apart in a V while bringing arms between your legs. Bring legs back together and sit up tucking knees to chest, and lightly grabbing knees with arms. (1 rep) Return to start position keeping shoulders and legs lifted, and repeat.

Half Burpee Press Up (10 reps) – Get in push-up position, legs wide. Do a push up, hop legs slightly forward (butt up in air) then do an inverted shoulder press bending arms out to the sides and lowering your head toward the ground. You body should maintain a V position. Hop legs back to start (1 rep).

Toe Touch Abs (15 reps/side) – Lay on back with legs straight holding ugi ball overhead (or a medicine ball or weight). Crunch up lifting one leg and reaching toward it with your weight. Return to start and repeat with the other leg (1 rep). Continue alternating legs. You can also do this move without any weight.

High Knees (60 seconds) – Holding ugi ball or a weight at chest, do high knees as quickly as comfortable. You can also do this without weight if it’s too challenging.

Skip or Jump Rope (2 minutes) – Jump rope, or do a skipping motion (pretend to jump rope) at a steady pace.

Push-up with Side Twist (10 reps/side) – Get in push-up position with legs wide. Do a push up, come up and twist to side plank, lifting one arms straight up (legs should remain wide). Return to start and repeat on the other side. Continue alternating sides. If needed, do the push-up on your knees and lift into plank after, and then twist into side plank.

Prisoner Jump Squats (30 reps) – Stand feet hip-width apart with hands behind head. Squat down and come up and jump feet out wide then back together keeping a slight bend in knee. Do not squat when jumping your feet out wide, but quickly jump back into another prisoner squat.


Tuck Abs (20 reps) – Lay with legs straight and together, arms straight out to sides. Lift shoulders and feet, and tuck up bringing arms forward and knees to chest. Lower straightening legs and swinging arms out to the sides. Keep shoulders lifted and feet together and lifted for all reps.


Squat Star Jumps (20 reps) – Start with feet together, in a squat with hands touching outside of feet. Come up, and jump bringing arms and legs straight and out to sides. Land in start position with feet together. Perform these as quickly as possible. Modify if needed, not squatting all the way down to touch the ground.

Skip or Jump Rope (2 minutes)

Spider Press Ups (10 reps/side) – Get in push-up position with legs wide. Do a push up while bringing the right knee toward the right elbow. Return leg and coming up out of push up. Repeat on the left and continue alternating sides. This is a challenging move. Modify by taking out the push-up and only bringing the knee to elbow.

Bike Abs (30 reps/side) – Do a traditional bicycle crunch with slow and controlled movements, touching elbow to opposite knee.

Surfboards (30 reps) – Stand with feet shoulder width apart, hands at chest. Pivot right foot slightly and face your body toward that side. Squat down leaning forward and swinging arms down to sides. Use the momentum in your arms as you swing them up to jump up and land facing opposite direction, landing in a squat with your left foot slightly pivoted and torso facing left. Continue alternating sides….pretend you’re surfing 😉

Reverse Curl (30 reps) – Lay with legs out straight, arms at sides. Bend knees slightly and raise legs up and do a hip curl at the top, lifting your hips off the ground. Bring legs back down without touching ground. To make harder, place hands behind head and do a crunch when lifting hips.

Overhead Abs (20 reps) – Lay with legs straight, arms overhead holding ugi ball or weight of choice. Sit up keeping legs down and straight, reaching ball overhead with slight arch in your back at top of movement. Lower back to start. Arms should not come past head for all reps.

IMG_0231 - Copy

Skip or Jump Rope (2 minutes)

Monkey Press-ups (10 reps) – Start with hands and feet wide in an inverted V position with knees bent. Do a push-up in this position, elbows pointing out to sides. Hop feet back out to plank, then back forward bending knees and repeat.

Side V Abs (15 reps/side) – Sit on side, bottom arm on ground and top arm behind head. Keeping feet together and legs only slightly bent, crunch up and lift legs as high as possible with a slight tuck motion. You should be balancing on the outside of your butt, not hip bone. Lower to start without touching feet to the ground and repeat. Complete all reps then repeat on the opposite side.

Burpees (10 reps) – Traditional burpees….with push-up

IMG_0252 - Copy IMG_0253 - Copy IMG_0254 - Copy IMG_0255

Switch Lunges (20 reps) – Stand with one foot in front of the other, opposite arms up and elbow bent. Lunge down, and come up in a hop and use momentum to switch legs and continuing to a lunge, switching arms as you switch legs. Repeat alternating legs.

Phew….that was a touch one! Up for a round 2?


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