HiitReps – Kick Your Butt Workout

This workout is a rep-based HIIT workout. Move from one exercise to the next with little or no rest – so you keep the intensity and your heart rate elevated. All of the exercises will focus on your glutes, as well as incorporating other muscle groups. Note your time each round and try to beat it. This will keep your intensity up!

Complete 5 rounds of the 4 exercises – 15 reps/exercise

Sandbag Swing – This is one of my go-to moves…and you will continue to see it in my workouts! You can use a kettle bell or heavy dumbbell if you don’t have a sandbag – but I highly recommend the sandbag for multiple moves (especially this one!) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the sandbag (or other weight) down in front of you. Keeping a straight back, bend your knees and swing the bag/weight back between your legs and then up in front of you – using your hips to help propel the weight up. Swing the weight to about chest height with straight arms, then swing it back down and continue swinging at a steady pace. Get those glutes involved, and really snap your hips forward when swinging the weight forward.

sbswin    sbswing2

Squat + Press – Use any weight you choose for this. I use either my sandbag or a barbell – you can also use a set of dumbbells. Hold the sandbag/barbell in front of your shoulders so that your palms face out. Squat down, and as you come up press the weight straight up. Lower the weight back to your shoulders and lower into another squat. Hold the same grip if you’re using a set of dumbbells.

IMG_0328      IMG_0329

Jump Squats – Try to get some weight involved in your jump squats. Place a sandbag or barbell on your shoulders, and stand with feet hip to shoulder-width apart. Squat down, pressing your hips back. As you come up, hop up and lower into another squat as you land. This should be a continuous motion from one rep to the next. Keep a comfortable pace, and adjust the weight if needed. Focus on your form in the squat and not on using a heavy weight. If you aren’t comfortable using weight, do the jump squats without (pic 2).

IMG_0340           IMG_0319

Bridge Thrust – Lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, with a sandbag or barbell placed on your hips (pic 1). Raise hips (and weight) up into a bridge, so that your body makes a straight line. Lower and lightly tap your butt to the ground and come up back into another bridge. To add a challenge, you can place your feet up on an ugi or bosu ball (pic 2 – no weight). If you don’t have any weight, simply do the move without. You can also use a weight plate or large dumbbell as well – just make sure that weight is distributed evenly across your hips.

IMG_0233 - Copy


One thought on “HiitReps – Kick Your Butt Workout

  1. Kristen February 17, 2014 / 9:15 am

    Look like some decent exercises to help boost your bum. I’ll give these a try and see how well they work.

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