Hello Dollys and Side Plank Twists

Try to work this daily ab superset into your workout and/or daily routine. Do these 2 exercises back to back without rest as a superset – rest up to 30 seconds between sets. Aim for 5 supersets, but perform at least 3. These will work your entire core, focusing mostly on the upper abs and obliques.

Hello Dollys (20 reps)

Start on your back, legs straight above hips and hands behind your head. As you crunch up, separate the legs straight out to sides, and back together as you lower shoulders back to the ground.

There are modifications that may be done, which may make the move harder or easier. Instead of placing your hands behind your head, you can stretch your arms out in front of you. As you crunch up and separate your legs, your arms will go between your legs.

You can also do just the leg movement, while remaining up in the crunch position with your shoulders lifted off the ground for all reps.


Side Plank Twist (10 reps/side)

Start in left side plank, with feet stacked and right arm outreached straight up.  left foot in front of right. Rotate hips so that the pelvis is facing the floor, bringing the right arm under your torso. Return to start bringing the right arm back overhead. Complete all reps then repeat in right side plank.

sideplankblue      underplank

Easy modification: perform the same movement, but position yourself into side plank on your elbow instead of your hand. You can also position your feet differently if you’re having a problem balancing. Place your top foot in front of the bottom foot a few inches, and perform the same rotation movement.


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