Lower Body HIIT Circuit

Today is all about the legs! There isn’t a lot of weight involved in this workout, so really push yourself! This is a high intensity interval workout, so this is meant to be a short but intense workout.

Complete 6 rounds of these 4 exercises. Set your timer for 20 seconds work, 10 seconds of rest. My theory is that the shorter time you work, the HARDER you push yourself. Make the most of the 20 seconds.

Side Jump Lunge – Start in a side lunge holding a stability ball or ugi ball in front of you on the ground. One leg is bent, the other straight out to the side. Jump and lift the stability ball as you stand straight to switch legs – and lower ball again as your go into another side lunge. The ball stays in the same plane, and moves straight up and down. You should be doing a slight hop and you switch legs into the side lunge. Keep your back straight and only hinge at the hips. If you do not have a ball, do the same motion, touching one hand to the ground as you lower into your lunge.

IMG_0227 - Copy     IMG_0226 - Copy

Pendulum – Stand with feet together and lean forward hinging at the hips and hold onto a stability ball or ugi ball, back is straight and butt is up. Swing one leg up and straight out to the side to about hip height. As you bring it back down hop the other leg out to the side – so only one foot is on the ground at a time. Try to keep the ball still on the ground as you switch legs.  You can also use a chair or bench to lean on if you do not have a ball, or you can place your hands on the ground.


Clean – Stand with feet shoulder-width apart with a sandbag or barbell on the ground in front of you. Squat down with a straight back and grab the weight, palms facing body. Upon standing, bend arms up and flip yours wrists so the bag/barbell is up at your shoulders, palms facing away. Do another squat, reverse the motion and touch the weight to the ground and repeat. You can also perform this using a set of heavy dumbbells if you do not have a sandbag or barbell.

IMG_0327      IMG_0328

Ball Squeeze Squat – Stand with feet hip-width apart, ugi ball or medicine ball squeezed between your knees. Hold your arms straight out at chest level. Quickly do squats, squeezing the ball to hold it in place. These should be fast, short squat movements. This will engage and work your inner thighs, as well as working your quads and glutes. Be sure to lower your hips back as if you were sitting on a chair.

IMG_0367    IMG_0368


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