Fat-Burning Kettle Bell Workout

The kettle bell is a great piece of equipment to have in your workout plan. It builds muscle, while making you sweat. Not sure why it’s so effective…but it is! This is a workout of 8 exercises that all involve the kettle bell. Try to do these at a steady pace, so you get the full benefit of the workout.

Do each of the moves for the given time, taking minimal rest between. Complete 2 sets, taking a 1 minute break in between sets. If you do not have a kettle bell, you can use a dumbbell. Use a weight that is challenging – but start out light if you are new to using a kettle bell. At the end of the workout, complete a 2 minute stretch.


Halo (30 seconds/direction) – Hold a kettlebell upside down by its horns with both hands, arms overhead. Keeping your shoulders down, chest forward, and abs tight, rotate your torso from the waist in a circle to the left. The kettlebell should make small, controlled “halos” overhead. Repeat for 20 seconds (about 6 circles), then switch directions.


Half Squat (1 minute) – Hold the kettlebell by its horns with both hands in front of  your chest. Shift your weight onto your heels, bend knees and hips, and sit back, as if lowering halfway into a chair. Press into heels and stand back up and repeat.

half squat

‘Round the World (30 seconds/direction) – Hold the handle of a kettle bell in you left hand, arms at sides. Swing the weight around back and pass the kettlebell to the right hand behind you. Continue circling around front, passing it back to left hand. Switch directions after 30 seconds. Keep your torso still and tall, and your abs tight.


Kettle Bell Swing (1 minute) – Stand with feet more than hip-width apart, holding the kettlebell straight down in front of you. Sit back into a squat, bringing the kettlebell back between your legs. Then press into your heels, straighten legs, and thrust hips explosively upward to swing kettlebell up to shoulder height. Keep your wrists in line with the forearms…let your hips do the work! As the weight swings back between legs, squat again and repeat.

IMG_0274    IMG_0275



Pivot and Point (1 minute) – Stand with feet hip-width apart, palms together (prayer position) with the handle of the kettle bell hooked over your thumbs, arms extended overhead. Pivot on your heels and turn so your entire body faces right side. (Keep head up, shoulders back, abs tight, and back straight.) At the same time, lower arms to shoulder height (base of kettle bell will rest on wrists). Turn back to center, raising arms overhead. Repeat alternating sides. Keep your arms as straight as you can. You will feel this in your shoulders – but resist the urge to shrug them.



Lunge and Loop (30 seconds/leg) – Hold a kettle in your right hand by the handle, arms at sides, palms in. Stand with right foot 2 to 3 feet in front of left, toes pointing forward, back heel off the floor. Bend knees, and lower into a lunge as you pass the kettlebell under the front leg to your left hand. Then pass it over the leg to right hand as you straighten your legs. Continue for 30 seconds (about 18 loops), the switch legs and pass under the left leg to the right hand.



Windmill (1 minute/side) – Hold the kettle bell straight overhead in the right hand, left hand down by your side. Stand with legs wide, left foot pointing out slightly and right foot pointing forward. Bend at your waist to the left and lower the hand down your shin toward the ground, keeping your back straight and right arm extended. Keep your gaze up at the kettlebell, unless it strains your neck.  Slowly stand up, using the core muscles to lift. Repeat for 1 minute keeping the kettlebell extended overhead, then switch sides. To make this more challenging, hold a kettlebell in both hands (maybe a lighter weight in the bottom hand).




Squat Catch and Press (1 minute) – Stand with feet more than hip-width apart and hold the kettlebell handle with both hands, arms extended toward the floor. Sit back into a squat, then press into your heels and stand up. Use the momentum created by the hip thrust to help pull weight up (elbows will bend out to sides as you lift bell). As weight reaches chest height, slide hands down to grab the base of the weight (a slight tossing motion). Press it overhead, then lower it to starting position, sliding hands back to handle and repeat.








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