Kickboxing Techniques and Guide

The first step in a successful kickboxing workout, is to know the proper forms and techniques of the punches and kicks. Here are some to help you follow along to most any kickboxing circuits.


Jab – Always throw with the front arm (same as front leg). Do a slight twist, and punch at chin height. This is a quick punch. *This can also be called a front punch when the fighting stance is with your feet even instead of staggered – and it’s still a quick punch straight out in front

Cross – Throw with your back arm, opposite of the foot that is in front. Pivot on back foot and twist into punch. You should be facing your target. This is a power punch. *When feet are in an even stance instead of staggered, a cross punch is performed with the same form but you pivot and punch across your body instead of out in front.

Hook – Stand with feet in a closer stance. Throw with either arm, making sure to pivot the same leg as the arm you are punching with. Turn hips into the hook, keeping your forearm parallel to the ground. You are approaching your target from the side.

Uppercut – Squat down slightly and swing up, punching from your hip. Keep your abs tight and pivot same foot as arm you’re punching with. This is a quick punch.


Front Kick – Lift your leg with the knee pointed up. Extend leg and kick, pulling your toes back and striking with the ball of your foot. Target should be the opponent’s stomach or mid section. *A high front kick uses the same form, but you bend the standing leg more so you can kick the striking leg higher.
Back Kick – Kick with front leg. Step your weight onto the standing leg and kick back leading with ball of foot (pushing). Recoil back into stance.

Side Kick – Lift your leg and bend your knee into your body and rotate your hips. Your leg should be tight against your body as you pivot the back foot so toes face in the opposite direction. Execute the side kick by extending your leg using your entire quad muscle, striking with the heel of the foot. Bring the leg back in, bending your knee again and set your foot down.

Roundhouse Kick – Pick up striking leg, bend your knee and as you point your toes and kick to the side, the standing foot should pivot (toes out). Rotate your hips as you extend your right leg for the kick. You should make contact with either the top of your foot or your shin (not the ball of the foot, like the side kick). Kick as high as you can.

Switch Roundhouse Kick -Performed with your front leg in fighting stance. Keeping body in the same position with the shoulder of your striking foot pointed forward, hop and switch the feet, the standing leg should now be in front. Then execute a round house kick with the back foot, rotating your hips and striking with the top of the foot or shin. Set the striking foot down in front so you should be in starting stance again

Knee Strike – Visualize grabbing an opponent’s head while you pull your hands towards your hips, bringing their head to your knee. Strike with back leg, driving the knee forward with it bent. To perform a vertical knee, strike with the point of the knee with your toes pointed and your body leaning back slightly to extend your reach on the knee strike.

Switch Knee Strike – Hop and switch leg stance, then perform the knee strike with the back leg.


Bob/Duck: This is a move you would do if you were ducking out of the way of a punch. Stand in fighter stance with your fists by your chin, and feet even. Engage the core and duck to the side, bringing your elbow to your hip. Alternate bobbing side to side. This is a good move for your abs/obliques.

Bob and Weave – This is done in a fighting stance with your fists by your chin and your feet even. Engage the abs and duck down and to the right, then reverse the motion to the left. Knees should be soft and you should be sure to not be one your heels. Pretend that you’re crouching under something, or that you’re ducking from a punch.

Jacks – These are similar to jumping jacks, but they are quicker and sharper. Your elbows stay bent as your jump your legs out to the sides and bring your arms up to about ear height simultaneously.

Speed Bags – This move is just how the name implies – motion as if you’re punching at a speed bag. Stand in fighting stance with feet staggered and fists in front of your face. There should be a slight bend in the knee and you should be on the ball of your feet as your quickly do small punches. The motion is quick and short, alternating punching hands. (Just do what Rocky is doing, haha)


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