The exercises in this blog will get you a beach body tush in no time! The use of the kettle bell is great not only for toning, but for elevating you heart rate and calorie burn. Not sure why, but swinging and lifting this odd-shaped weight gives you a great workout! The first half of this workout uses the kettle bell in moves to target the glutes. I got the 3-piece set of kettle bells pictured below from Academy for around $30 (5, 10, and 15 lbs).


Perform 3 sets of the 8 exercises.  You will need a kettle bell for the first 4, and just a mat for the other 4. If you don’t have a kettle bell, you can improvise with a dumbbell. (But I highly recommend getting a kettle bell cuz they’re awesome!)

Kettle Bell Swing: 10 reps regular swings + 20 reps one-armed swings

Stand with legs wide, holding a kettle bell with both hands. Lower kettle bell toward the floor as you squat down. Press up through your heels and snap hips forward, swinging the kettle bell up in front of you to chest height. After 10 reps, switch to one-arm kettle bell swings and do 10/arm, alternating. Use the same motion as before, but switch hands at top of the swing.

IMG_0274  IMG_0275

IMG_0276  IMG_0279

Kettle Bell Clean: 10 reps/side

Stand with feet angled out with a kettle bell on the ground between legs, slightly off-centered (furthest from the arm you will be using). Keep a flat back and grab the handle and clean the kettle bell up by corkscrewing your elbow to bring the weight outside your wrist and up by your shoulder. Reverse motion to return the kettle bell to the ground and repeat. After completing reps, switch sides. If you’re unsure on the proper way to do a clean (it’s kind of hard to explain) see the image below. You can mimic the motion using a dumbbell, by ending the move with your palm facing out and weight in front of your shoulder.

IMG_0281   IMG_0285

Three-Way Lunge: 10 reps/leg

Holding the kettle bell in your right hand, lunge left leg forward, then to the side, and then back. (1 rep) Keep your core engaged throughout, and keep almost all of your weight on the right leg when transitioning between lunges (so you can really focus on working that glute!) Complete the set of 3 lunges for all reps, then switch legs and hold the kettle bell in your left hand. Remember on the forward and backwards lunges to not bend your front knee over your toes.

Narrow-Stance Deadlift: 20 reps

Stand with feet close together about 1-2 inches apart, holding the kettle bell with both hands in front of thighs. Keeping a flat back, hinge forward at the hips and lower the weight down. When you feel a stretch in your hamstrings, slowly stand and lock hips forward squeezing your glutes.


Glute Burner: 40 reps total/leg (4 moves)

The name of this move doesn’t lie, your glutes will be burning! Be sure to not rest between moves so that the glute is continually working. Lay on your side, resting your head in your hand with bottom leg bent back. Keep your top leg straight and lift it straight up and down for 10 reps, only lightly tapping the foot when lowering. Next bring top leg (still straight) out in front of you and touch toes to the ground. From this position lift leg up and down for 10 reps, lightly tapping the ground. Bend the knee 90 degrees and angle it toward the ground then kick it straight up and back, then tuck the knee again toward the ground and repeat for 10 reps. With the knee still bent, tap both knees together then tap both heels together (only moving the top leg) and repeat combo for 10 reps. Switch sides and repeat all 4 moves with the other leg.

Body Surfing: 20 reps

Lay on your stomach with palms down in front of your face, legs extended straight back. Use your lower back to lift your legs straight off the ground and engage your glutes. From here, curl your legs up keeping thighs lifted, then straighten legs back out. Try to keep the thighs lifted off the ground for all reps, and feel those glutes firing!

One-Legged Bridge: 10 reps/leg

Lay on your back with knees bent and come up into a bridge and lift one leg straight up above you.  Keeping the leg up, slowly lower your butt to the ground and push back up getting your hips as high as possible. Complete reps then switch legs.

Glute March: 20 reps

Begin this move by coming up into a bridge. Keeping your hips lifted as high as possible, slowly march by lifting your left knee, then the right (1 rep). Repeat by alternating feet.


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