This workout incorporates kickboxing, which helps tone all parts of your body. Be sure to keep your core engaged throughout all of theses moves, especially the punches/hooks. I have a pair of weighted gloves that I use to increase my burn. Be sure to focus on proper form, but do the moves as quickly as you can. With the combination moves, each set of the combo is 1 rep (if you’re keeping track of your progress). My results are listed at the bottom of the workout.

The link for the workout is here: http://www.dailyhiit.com/videos/combat-montage-hiitcombat-5

Set your timers for 50 sec work, and 10 sec rest. There are 12 rounds total, which will take you 12 minutes.

1. Kick Over+Lunge+Punch and Body Hook (Right) – If you dont have an equalizer, you can use a chair or just imagine you are kicking over something. Try not to bend the knee while kicking up and over with the right leg. At the bottom of the kick, lunge the right leg behind you and bend both knees to 90 degrees. Step the right foot forward and do a jab then body hook with the right arm. Repeat combo. Be sure to keep your back straight and abs engaged. Focus on putting some power behind your jab and hook as well.

2. Kick Over+Lunge+Punch and Body Hook (Left) – Repeat the same move but with the left leg, and punching with left arm.

3. 10 hooks+10 Star Jumps – Alternate hooks with the right and left arm. When striking, forearm should be parallel to the floor (like you’re punching someone in the ear…ouch!) Use a slight pivot in the legs and waist to give your hook more power, while also using your core and keeping the abs engaged. Quickly do 10 star jumps (which are just speedy jumping jacks), then repeat combo.

4. Walking Pushups – Start in pushup stance. Do a pushup then walk your hands and feet to the right and do another pushup. Repeat alternating directions. If this becomes difficult perform the pushup on your knees, come back into plank for the “walk” then drop down to knees again for the pushup. Be sure to keep your back straight and to not droop your belly.

5. 4 High Hooks+4 Low Hooks+ 4 Tuck Jumps – The hooks will be done with one arm at a time. Do 4 hooks normally, then squat down and do 4 hooks in this position (like you’re hitting someone in the hip). Stand and do 4 quick tuck jumps. Repeat combo with the other arm, and alternate throughout.

6. T-bar Abs – I used my Ugi Ball for this. You can use a barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell or medicine ball as well. The key is to keep the weight raised above your head at all times. This is what makes the move challenging. Lay flat on your back with legs straight out and together, weight is lifted above your head (biceps by ears). Keeping arms and legs straight, crunch up to sitting keeping your back straight, then lower back down keeping the weight above your head.

IMG_0231 - Copy

My Results: (in order of completion)

Round 1: 10 – 11 – 6 – 12 – 7 – 16

Round 2: 11 – 12 – 7 – 12 – 6 – 16

Calories burned: 250 in 12 minutes.


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